Karissa Smith

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Karissa is the artist behind
Henna Happens, a professionally
and internationally trained henna artist.

Anatural artist at heart, she was introduced to the medium in 2014 and instantly fell in love. With 10 years of professional experience, she specializes in bridal, Indo-Arabic, Moroccan, and contemporary designs; each design is uniquely freehand and can tailored for you, the possibilities are endless.

Our fresh henna and jagua products are 100% organic, plant based and hand mixed in small batches for the highest staining quality and will definitely be a hit at your next party, wedding, or event.

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Experience, Courses, & Certifications

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AK Professional Henna Course Graduate:

I am an experienced henna artist with 10 years of full-time experience. I have continually honed my skills through Henna artistry as a full-time career since 2014. Between now and then, I've continually persevered to refine and expand my skills through annual education and professional development opportunities. Here are some highlights:

Henna Con 2018:

I attended Henna Con, an annual henna conference held in California. This conference brought together artists of all skill levels, providing a platform to learn new styles, techniques, and elements to enhance our artistry. It was a valuable opportunity to expand my artistic repertoire, connect with fellow artists, and enrich my creative mindset.

AK Bridal Master Class Graduate:

I've traveled to Canada to complete the AK Bridal Master Class, taught by guiness world record holder and celebrity henna artist Ash Kumar himself. This specialized course equipped me with the technical skills in strategic placement, density balance, design legibility, and that seamless 360º wrap around every bride wants for their big day. These techniques ensure that your bridal mehndi is photo-ready from every angle the camera may capture, so you can confidently cherish those memories for years to come.

By combining my extensive experience, professional training, and passion for henna artistry, I am dedicated to providing you with exceptional henna services for your special occasion.

With a decade of passion invested in this ancient art form, I am dedicated to continuous growth through ongoing education. From self-study and regular practice to attending online and in-person courses worldwide, I have a constant hunger for knowledge and refinement. Striving for excellence is a core value that resonates in every aspect of my work.

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